Once upon a time, according to local legend, in the midst of the Civil War a young Confederate soldier named T.R. Covington was on the run from Union troops.  He had just run out of rations when he reached the flowery fields of Rose Hill.  As he approached the property, Mary Jane Ashby, the lovely daughter of Lomax Ashby, was carrying a basket of freshly baked goods from the kitchen to the main house of the property.  T.R. politely asked her if she would be willing to reprovision him for his journey.  She must have cut a pretty figure while she prepared ham biscuits, because it was more than gratitude that made him promise that he would come back and marry her when the war was over.  Despite the harsh conditions and dangers of the war, T.R.  survived and did exactly as he promised.

Our Mission for Your Dream Day

We believe that Rose Hill Heritage Farm is much more then a beautiful mansion, and a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding.  It is a place where love at first sight happened, and promises dating back into the 1800's were kept.  We want to share that experience with other couples who have a love worth fighting for.  

Come visit Rose Hill Heritage Farm and add to the history with your love story.  Discover the Southern charm that proved so irresistible to T.R. Covington over a century ago.

Family owned for 150 years

​​Rose Hill Heritage Farm is an antebellum wedding venue with many of the original outbuildings. The 210 acres with views of Mount Pony and the Blue Ridge Mountains have been owned and historically preserved by the same family for over 150 years. 

The Antebellum Love Story